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The primary focus of this book and its accompanying resources is on developing Christian servant leaders within a teamwork environment.  A secondary focus is on connecting the other missing elements of Christian leadership today to that overarching theme.


Softcover: 480 pages

Publisher: Power to Change Ministries (August 23, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-894605-64-9

Product Dimensions: 9.5" x 6.5" x 1.125"

Shipping Weight: 1.95 lbs

“What sets this book apart from so many other books on leadership in general, and Christian leadership more specifically, is that half of each chapter is devoted to how to make the subject of the chapter a reality in an organization.  Based on my working with many organizations over the years to develop better leaders among university presidents, business people, police officers, school teachers, health care administrators, social workers, government workers and those in the voluntary sector, and my study of Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies to Work for in America that are based on servant leadership and teamwork, I have developed for the book: 95 experiential leadership learning exercises; 17 case studies for analysis, 47 discussion group exercises, 24 individual and team assessment instruments, and a feature film study for each chapter.  With these tools in hand, I believe from my experience in training leaders, that they will be able to make Christian servant leadership a reality in their organizations.”

CHAPTER 1: Chapter one discusses what leadership is and is not and why every organization rises and falls on its leadership.  Leadership is all about power and how leaders exercise their powerful influence in relation to their followers.  This chapter also provides some means for assessing how you and others lead in a group or team setting.

In chapter two, the misuse of that power as a selfish instrument is set against its proper use for serving others as Jesus instructed His disciples who, more than anything else, wanted to be great leaders.  Thus good leadership is distinguished from just being a leader with followers. 

CHAPTER 3: How servant leadership works out in an organizational construct is the focus of chapter three.  What employees and volunteers most want to be engaged in is meaningful activity in which they can feel that their contributions to the organization are helping improve society and communities. 

CHAPTERS 4,5: Chapter four shows how servant leadership fulfils this need for meaning through the pursuit of the organization’s vision and mission.  None of this can be accomplished without establishing the means for effective two-way communication and that is the focus of chapter five. 

CHAPTERS 6,7: Chapter six explains how to develop other leaders.  Since servant leadership is about relating to others, teamwork is essential and this is explained in chapter seven. 

CHAPTER 8: Teamwork brings people closer together, and this invariably leads to conflict, so to make teamwork a success, chapter eight focuses on how to manage conflicts in a productive manner that will build, instead of destroy, team synergy and togetherness. 

CHAPTER 9: Managers find the most efficient ways for operating an organization, leaders focus on envisioning, promoting and handling change and chapter nine explains the steps for bringing about change in an organization.  No one ever said that leading is easy. 

CHAPTER 10: The road to leadership is filled with uncertainties and obstacles and it is easy to grow weary in this calling to leadership, so chapter ten shows how to continue to lead with passion in the face of these challenges.

“Becoming an effective team leader is a journey to be taken.” With these words from his book Servant-Empowered Leadership: A Hands-on Guide to Transforming You and Your Organization, Don Page starts us on a path of understanding what servant leadership is all about. Don’s abundant use of Scripture adds to the significance of his message, and his personal values and character shine brightly through his writing. Don’t miss this important book.

Ken Blanchard,
co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Lead Like Jesus


Peter Drucker once said that leadership is only a means and to what end is the real question. In this book, Don Page reminds us that the end of leadership is the welfare and development of the people being led. A servant leader assumes responsibility for this result. A responsibility that cannot be avoided or delegated.

Bill Pollard,
Chairman Emeritus, ServiceMaster, Illinois, USA.,
Author of Serving Two Masters? Reflections on God and Profit


Following the leadership principles of Jesus has served me well in my 30+ years of leading hospitals. The skills this work outlines as essential to “successful” leadership such as serving, creating a vision, developing leaders, using teams and finishing strong are critical in any organization. If you really apply these to your world - it will be a better world.

Al Stubblefield,
President and CEO, Baptist Health Care, Florida, USA,
Author of The Baptist Health Care Journey to Excellence


Quite a bit has been written about the “what” and “why” of Servant Leadership. Don Page’s “Servant-Empowered Leadership: A Hands-on Guide to Transforming You and Your Organization” is a wonderful gift to aspiring Servant Leaders by filling the shortage of writings teaching us the “how”.

Jack Lowe,
President of TD Industries, Dallas, Texas and Chairman of the Board of the Greenleaf Center, Author of A partnership of the spirit: The story of Jack Lowe and TD Industries


Having worked for over 40 years with leaders across business, government, education, and the church, Don Page brings the wealth of his vast experience to bear on one of the fundamental problems of our time: how do we cultivate effective Christian leaders? Page’s emphasis on “team” leadership harmoniously fits Christians with his argument that effective leaders lead people and organizations as Christ led – in service to others. The greatest strength of Page’s book is not its theory of “servant leadership,” but the numerous learning exercises, case studies, discussion group exercises, and individual and team assessment instruments that can be used to practically evaluate and improve leadership. Page is a master of practical applications that really work – and we are all richer for his investment in producing this helpful book. I encourage you to read it, but more importantly, to put the book to work in practice!

Dr. Paul R. Corts,
President of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, Washington, DC


 Relationships are at the heart of the Christian faith and servant leadership is the model lived and taught by Jesus of Nazareth. Don Page has spent a lifetime investigating, developing, and living these two themes, all now brought together in this must-read book.

Preston Manning,
C.C., President, Manning Centre for Building Democracy
and former Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian Parliament.


Perhaps at no time in the history of the world has there been a greater need for leaders—people who know how to inspire and motivate and bring about positive change. Dr. Don Page has made a valuable contribution to all who are called to lead. Utilizing the teachings and life of Jesus, Dr. Page will show the reader a better way to lead. It’s worth your time to find out how.

Dr. Royce Money,
President of Abilene Christian University, Texas, USA,
Author of Building Stronger Families


Don Page articulates what many instinctively know: good leaders are developed through diligent study and practice. Page pours his four decades of teaching and practicing leadership into an incredibly helpful and informative book that combines the best leadership principles with practical exercises. It will surely be a book that all leaders, from the novice to the experienced, will return to again and again on their journey to becoming great Christian servant leaders.

Dr. G. Blair Dowden,
President, Huntington University, Indiana, USA


It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Don Page’s new book, Servant-Empowered Leadership: A Hands-on Guide to Transforming You and Your Organization. Having worked with Dr. Page in a variety of Christian Higher Education settings, I know of his passion for servant leadership and team building. He has practiced what he preaches! I am pleased that his years of experience in teaching and hands-on leadership are now being put into print. You will find the book to be very useful in your own leadership context.

Dr. Larry J. McKinney,
President, Simpson University, CA
Former Executive Director of the Association for Biblical Higher Education,
Author, Archaeology and the Bible: New Testament


Don Page makes history come alive. From the living, breathing, speaking, detailed and accurate reading of the human journey, Dr. Page draws the most practical and encouraging lessons for leadership in the 21st Century.

David Mainse,
Former president, Crossroads Communications, Burlington, Canada,
Author, God keep our land: A Salute to Canada


Drawing on his extensive experience as an acclaimed teacher and a successful leader of complex organizations, Don Page offers an excellent primer and practical lessons on team leadership informed by a biblical understanding, using the leadership Jesus demonstrated as his model. Whether you are an emerging or experienced leader, this book has much to offer.

Dr. Bruce J. Clemenger,
President, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Toronto, Canada


As a teacher and practitioner of servant leadership for more than 30 years, I found Don Page's new book a very helpful resource for implementing Robert K. Greenleaf's philosophy in the workplace. Written especially for a Christian audience, his learning exercises, case studies, group exercises, assessment instruments and film studies provide practical tools for any organization desiring to operationalize servant leadership. I am pleased to recommend this resource.

Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper,
President, Ann McGee-Cooper & Associates, Inc. Texas, USA,
Author, Building Brain Power


Servant-Empowered Leadership, by Don Page, is a biblically-informed invitation to Christ like leadership. Informative and challenging, Page's new book will be immensely helpful to leaders on all levels. Here we find a fresh, insightful, and much-needed resource offering faithful and practical guidance. I recommend Servant-Empowered Leadership with enthusiasm.

Dr. David S. Dockery,
President, Union University, Tennessee, USA,
Author, Renewing Minds: Serving Church and Society through Christian Higher Education


Servant-Empowered Leadership communicates well an important global leadership truth: people are not often interested in leadership content until they experience leadership relationships and contexts. Too often we in North America miss this important leadership focus. Don Page understands this, and gets it right. This book is an excellent read!

Dr. Gene Habecker,
President, Taylor University and Past President of the American Bible Society, Indiana, USA,
Author, The Other Side of Leadership


Today we are saturated with knowledge about leadership, but suffer from a lack of wisdom as to how to intelligently apply it to real life circumstances. This book bridges the gap between theory and practice. Through case studies, group exercises and an assortment of other tools designed to build effective teams, Don Page describes what you need to know and how to use it.

Dr. Ralph Fagan,
Provost, Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma, USA


Servant-Empowered Leadership provides a helpful and practical approach to understanding and implementing servant leadership. In this wise book, Don Page provides a meaningful look at the importance of attaining good leadership through building caring relationships. Servant leaders are found in every faith and philosophical tradition. Servant-Empowered Leadership offers special insights for those who follow the teachings of Jesus.

Dr. Larry C. Spears,
Chairman & CEO, The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership
Editor, Practicing Servant Leadership


This wonderful book provides new insights on leadership that are based on the concept of relationships. As a matter of fact, interpersonal relationships is the foundation of both African and Chinese values. This new leadership style emphasizes the human spirit of service and human relational teamwork which transcend the concepts of instrumental reason found in Western forms of management. Don Page is a great leader as well as a servant who is committed to serve different organizations at every level of society. He proposes not only a great theory but also a great way of practice. This new perspective of leadership will be treasured by people from non-Western cultures and traditions.

Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung,
President, Culture Regeneration Research Society, Vancouver, Canada


What separates this book from other leadership literature is its riveting practicality. Dr. Page not only effectively presents Jesus' timeless principles of leadership, but he also provides experiential learning exercises that will develop and reinforce your leadership skills and habits. Whether you are just beginning your career or you are a seasoned leader, you need this book in your leadership library.

Anne Rauser,
Former ACSI Director for Western Canada, Calgary, Canada


Don Page's concept on servant leadership is outstanding and is a critical success factor in today's leadership culture.

Leonard Buhler,
President, Power to Change Ministries, Langley, Canada


As his former pastor, I have seen Don exemplify what he writes about—he was a leader amongst us serving Jesus in word and deed. This book will be valuable to all (Christian) leaders in whatever context they find themselves.

Jamey McDonald,
Executive Director, Baptist General Conference of Canada, Edmonton, Canada


I am privileged indeed to commend this significant contribution by Don Page to the challenges and need for servant-empowered leaders in Africa today. It is widely acknowledged that Africa's greatest need at this moment in its history is for effective leaders of integrity, moral conviction and plain skill. I can think of no other teacher and leader anywhere who is better equipped than Don Page in addressing this issue. When I had some months of sabbatical available to me in 1999, I resolved that the one leader in North America under whom I wanted to study and whose wisdom I wanted to absorb was Don Page. It was one of the most enriching four weeks of my life. Don Page's experience and expertise are drawn from hands-on acquaintance with the arenas of politics, business, the church, and academia. So it is from this vast well of background and insight that he has drawn in assembling this book. Any leaders, actual or potential, who put into practice the principles of this book will experience both paradigm shifts and quantum leaps in the effectiveness of their own leadership. For every leader in Africa this is a must-read volume. It will challenge you and then change you forever. Dr Page also taught the same leadership principles of this book to our African Enterprise Team Leaders from all across this continent some years ago and all of them acknowledged the revolutionary and profoundly helpful nature of what was taught.

Dr. Michael Cassidy,
Director, The Michael Cassidy Learning Center and former International Team Leader of African Enterprise, South Africa,
Author, The Passing Summer: A South African's Response to White Fear, Black Anger, and the Politics of Love


Jesus is certainly the greatest example of servant leadership. What a better world it would be if more and more leaders adopted this model. This is an investment that will pay big dividends!

Jim Blanchard,
Chairman, The Executive Committee of TSYS
and former Chairman of the Board and CEO of Synovus Financial Corporation, Georgia, USA


Don Page has finally written a book about serving the people we lead, and he has written on this topic only after he has lived it for forty years. But his influence does not end as soon as we read the final page; he continues to coach us and walk alongside the reader through the more than 150 practical tools included. In this way, he reflects the experiential teaching style of the Supreme Servant Leader Himself, Jesus Christ.

Dr. Paul Richardson,
President, Christian Business Ministries Canada